Can Senior Sex be the Best Sex?

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Can Senior Sex be the Best Sex?

Is there sex after 60? Often the answer to that question depends on who you’re talking to. Younger people may think it stops at 50 while those in their 50’s may say 70 or 80. And some people say, “Great sex never stops. It only gets better.”

In my experience with a wide range of patients the major difference is attitude. Of course there are physical changes and health challenges with aging, but in working with many older couples I have found that these can be overcome.

The article (CLICK HERE) focuses on how people view sex and the major change that makes for a successful sex life for seniors. So the answer to the question, Can senior sex be the best sex? is a resounding “Yes,” if your heart and your mind are in the right place. So check it out, and even if you are younger, you can learn some ways to improve your sex life right now.

Karen Gless, Ph.D.

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