A Woman's Guide to Happily Ever After: Love Doesn't Have to Hurt

By Dr. Karen Gless, Ph. D. and Dr. Lee Overholser, Ph.D.
Learn the #1 Reason Relationships Fall Apart—Right Now!

I’m Dr. Karen Gless, Ph.D., and I’ve discovered the major reason relationships fail. Based on research, the astonishing fact is that while 90% of women know how to handle a long-term relationship, only 35% of men do. Put another way, when it comes to living with a woman and maintaining a marriage, two thirds of men don’t have a clue. 

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How to Keep Your Princess Happy

By  Dr. Lee Overholser

Okay men, listen up. The myth is that bachelors have a joyful, care-free life. The truth is that happily married men do a whole lot better than single men. And the same holds true for men in a lasting, committed relationship, even if they aren't married.

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Pages and pages of invaluable relationship solutions!
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Keep your Love-Light Burning for a Happily Ever After Program:

By Dr. Karen Gless and Dr. Lee Overholser

A fully downloadable  program.  Full of enjoyable activities, 1 E-book and 4 MP3s. Human beings are built for love and a life of joy and mutual nurturing. All the changes in our emotions and hormones when we fall in love are encoded in our genes. But that love doesn't have to stop when we move in together and start getting distracted by problems or life's demands.

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Getting to Know You for a Lasting Relationship Program

By Dr. Karen Gless and Dr. Lee Overholser

This downloadable program includes Fun Filled activities an ebook and 2 MP3s. Couples who know each other do much better than those who have big holes in their understanding of their partner. And there is so much more to discover about each other. Life is an unfolding drama that can be exciting and thrilling as well as challenging. When you continue to learn about each other, your love grows with the years.

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How to Save your Relationship with Creative Conflict.

By Dr. Karen Gless and Dr. Lee Overholser

Seven full downloadable activities, ebook and downloadable MP3s. The Creative Conflict program gets down to the real cause of horrible arguments, which we call; Conflict Style Mismatch.  We show you how to get on the same page and tackle problems together.LEARN MORE

The truth is that every relationship has conflict. You have to figure out your differences somehow. You can do it very painfully or you can take our program and discover how to do it creatively and with a lot less pain.   And Much, Much More...

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Mindful Sexuality for Men: The Pure Pleasure Path to Sexual Fulfillment

Over Three Hours Through Nine Full Downloadable Audio Sessions>>The ebook and the accompanying downloadable Mindful Meditation sessions will give you the power to make dramatic changes in your ability to enjoy, share and experience wonderful sex with your partner.

By Dr. Karen Gless

Get ready for the best sex of your life.

Dr. Karen Gless has over 20 years experience as a sex therapist and relationship counselor. She has discovered how mindfulness can deepen sexual pleasure and help overcome blocks to a satisfying sex life. Stress is the real enemy of sexual pleasure and love. Instead of being able to relax and enjoy themselves, too many men worry about performance and this can lead to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The result is frustration and even feelings of failure. LEARN MORE

The Power to Last

Confident Erections

Deeper Pleasure

Complete Satisfaction

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